“Excuse me, but what settings are you using? We’re art students from New York getting into photography.”
“So how are you liking Seattle?”
“We like it a lot here; it’s so beautiful.”

One of my favorite seasons of the year greeted the Emerald city with plenty of sunshine this year, and I hopped on the ferry for a quick ride to Bainbridge Island. Although I don’t prefer to take photos in super bright sunlight, I couldn’t resist taking out my camera to capture the beautiful scenery that we’re blessed with here in the Pacific Northwest.

There were plenty of other cameras on the ferry as well, including two belonging to art students visiting from New York. I think it’s safe to say that most folks associate Seattle with rain, but when the sun comes out in this town you can’t find happier human beings anywhere else on the planet. There were lots of happy faces on the ferry.

I was happy to help the tourists from New York figure out their camera settings and give them a some advice on how to use a DSLR. I’m hoping that my advice of shooting only in manual mode (and skipping aperture and time value mode entirely) will be helpful to their learning curve. This was advice that was given to me when I was learning to shoot, and looking back I can say that I wish someone had told me this sooner.

The ferry ride to Bainbridge Island takes about 30 minutes. There’s plenty of views to soak in from the sun deck and if it gets a chilly you can go inside for a cup of coffee. Washington State has the most extensive ferry system in the country, and the one way ferry ride to Bainbridge Island is $13.50 per vehicle. The ferry leaves Seattle every hour, and the ferry is viewed by many as a quick and affordable cruise. What a nice amenity to have here in the Pacific Northwest, and I look forward to visiting the many other islands in Western Washington as well this Spring and Summer.

Hope you enjoy the photos, be well and Happy Spring!

IMG_9814 copy IMG_9860 copy IMG_9911 copy



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