Tad Sae

Lao New Year month of April Laos travel photos blog series continues…

Tad Sae. Maybe a 45 minute drive from Luang Prabang town center to the river that will ultimately take you there. Hop on a canoe and minutes later you’re  you’ve arrived. At Tad Sae you can do some elephant riding, zip lining (I think they still have that there, I did it once a few years back but didn’t do it this last time there in November 2013), or soak/swim in the majestic waters. There’s even a restaurant and you can order some tum maak huong (Lao papaya salad) with stir fried frogs. Yes. Frogs. Tried it. Was okay but I prefer fried frogs ha. Chase it down with Beer Lao. Ah.

Travel some. Be responsible. Stimulate the local economy. Have fun and be safe.



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